Started as a server for friends, we quickly grew into the #1 ZombieRP Community in North America

Wiremod & Expression 2

1. Vehicles, robots, pets, and critters are not allowed.

2. Trails are not allowed

Teleporters are not allowed

3. Hiders/Camouflagers are not allowed

4. Jump Scares / troll e2s

5. Auto anything is not allowed. This means no auto meth cooking, auto mining, auto refining.

     – However it is okay to have a physical in-game wire button/dynamic button that you press that will do an action for you. You just cannot have it automatically do a function on its own or on a timer of any sort.

Rules Of Engagement

1. Max Mug = $5,000 – Mug Time = 10 min between each mug and 20 between the same person.

2. If you’re mugged you must follow through with it. You are not allowed to kill/harm the attacker or kill yourself. You are allowed to then go place a hit on the target for revenge.

3. Raid by typing /raid and then /raidend

4. You must wait 10 minutes between each raid and 20 minutes between the same target

5. If you’re raiding as a group, each member must /raid and /raidend

6. If you don’t want someone in your base you must warn them by doing something similar to typing:

     Warning 1

     Warning 2

     Warning 3

That way they have time to leave

7. You may only kill someone who’s attacking your friend if you’re in the same party.

8. You may only counter a raid if you’re civil protection, a raiding class, or a part of their party.

Welcome to Obelisk

Obelisk Gaming is a new community. The majority of its members come from the old PieBald Community. We are a great community. Head on over to the forums to join up!

Server Maintenance

Daily Maintenance is done from 9 pm to Midnight Central Time. During this time we leave the server open, because we may need the communities help to test changes that are made on the go.

There will be restarts during this time, therefor we will not refund your lost items. Thank you for understanding and helping us out!


Donations are what keep the server going. You can head over to to contribute in your own way! That could mean buying a fancy new weapon for yourself or spawning a super boss!