Started as a server for friends, we quickly grew into the #1 ZombieRP Community in North America

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About the Rules

Rules may be changed at any time so be sure to check back every now and again!


Using 3rd Party software to give yourself an advantage is a 7-day ban on the first offense. Perma the next.


Prop Blocking/Surfing/Killing/Spamming/Glitching of any kind is not allowed. I’m leaving it up to the staff member to decide the punishment on this so don’t do it.


This server has kids on it so try to refrain from swearing. Doesn’t mean it is against the rules, but if you start swearing every sentence then something will be done about it.


Racism/Sexism isn’t tolerated. We have girls that play on here. If you can’t handle that then leave.


Do not RP in spawn.


Avoid using non-ASCII names. If a staff member asks you to change your name. Do it. You aren’t allowed to have curse words in your name and the like.


You may not scam people. If you made an agreement then you follow through with it, otherwise you return EVERYTHING. Always record exchanges. Make both parties use text doesn’t hurt either since logs can be kept of text entries. If you do it through voice then it is up to you to take the initiative and record evidence.


This is an American English speaking community. Only English is allowed in OOC chat. As for voice chat you’re welcome to speak your mother-tongue, but do not expect the majority to understand you.


Do not act as war criminals like Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Etc. This includes their whole organizations. This will not be tolerated here. You’ll likely get banned on the first offense.


KOS signs aren’t allowed. UN are the only class allowed to use KOS perimeters/lines. You are free game if you enter a place of ownership with a weapon drawn (knife,projectile weapon, etc.) unless the owner has a sign outside stating differently. This means that KOS signs are no longer needed and aren’t a rule since this is a global rule. UN still have it under their rules because they need a way to mark their line. If you aren’t UN then your “line” exists from your door to the interior of your base. It does NOT extent outside your base at all.


It was already stated, but do not propblock mining areas. They must be left completely open.


Don’t RP as a slut/prostitute (whatever you decide to call it). RP appropriately. Don’t talk sexually like that.

Buildings & Basing

Sky bases aren’t allowed. Your building must look “realistic” and have supports on the bottom/side(if needed) so that it “could” sustain its weight. We aren’t too strict on this. Just make it look nice. Simple.


1-way props are allowed. This is where on one side you can see through and the other you cannot.


You’re allowed 2 fading doors per entrance.


Your base must be raidable with a lockpick (lockpicks open fading doors here. There are no keypad crackers)


Only hobos are allowed to build right in the streets


While you’re building, you’re required to place a building sign so people know. You may not have entities inside your base. Printers/weapons/nothing. Props are all that are allowed in your base while you’re building.


You may only own 1 base at a time.


UN Rules:

You must base with the UN General unless given permission to do otherwise.

You must follow the law at all times. If the government is corrupt, you may ignore their provided laws, but you’re still obliged to abstain from drugs, printers, murder, kidnapping, and anything of the sort.

If the mayor is corrupt, you may choose to start a coup d’etat, overthrowing the corrupt government with whatever means deemed necessary.

UN are not CP, don’t bother with petty crime. You’re there to deal with matters which would prove difficult to handle for the CP, murder being one of them.

You may use lethal force if deemed necessary (attempts to use this as an excuse to kill people for bullshit reasons, will result in appropriate action being taken by staff).

You may only use weapons of the same category as the ones you spawn with. All UN members can use any pistol and melee, but if you spawning with a sniper as your primary, you can’t equip an assault rifle. (Donation Perma weapons that you initially spawn with are permitted)

UN may megabase, taking over large appropriate areas.

UN may have KOS signs. The zones are to be marked with some visible line. If someone crosses it you’re welcome to fire upon them.

All UN can /warrant and the UN General is able to accept those requests.


Shop Owners:

You must sell to everyone.

You must setup a shop and sell from the shop.

You cannot raid.


Gang Leaders & Gangsters

You can only raid with your Gang Leader or other Gangsters.


Gangster Doctor

You may only be apart of a raid if you’re assisting 2 or more gang members.

You can heal anyone.

You may only use a pistol when assisting or raiding.


Donator Thief

You aren’t allowed to kill. You try to escape if you’re caught.

Your objective is to steal their valuables which is why you aren’t allowed to kill



You aren’t allowed to raid for their goods. You’re there to do your job and assassinate them.


Civil Protection, Mayor, Mayor’s Guard

You may only base at the Police Station.

You may not change the default laws

In order to be corrupt, your mayor must be corrupt

Do not act as a dictator or any negative historical war criminals


Hotel Owner:

You may own all the doors at the hotel.


10 minute wait time in between kidnaps. This timer starts after your current kidnap situation is over.


25 minute wait before kidnapping that same player


You may not hold someone as hostage longer than 15 minutes unless they agree to remain in the RP situation for longer


If you’re kidnapping multiple players at once, your party must have 2 more players in it than the amount you’re trying to kidnap. This starts at 4 or more people so you’d need 6 kidnappers.


You cannot kidnap alone, by yourself. You need to be in a party of at least two.

Staff Rules

You will notify Void or Timmy if you are going to be inactive for more than five days. If you don’t you risk being demoted.


You will not leak the staff chat/staff discussions/staff meetings unless specifically stated.


Moderators are required to answers sits. If the sit needs elevated assistance or you have a question then ask a higher up.


Only noclip when building or staff on duty. If you’re staff on duty always be in cloak until you are in a sit.

VIP Rules

Do not place cameras in others bases. The cameras are for you to monitor your base. Abuse of this will result in the removal of the use of the cameras.


Do not drop perma weapons (there is a bug that allows you to drop them, I am working on a fix). If someone that hasn’t donated for a donator weapon has a donator weapon they will be punished. If we discover who gave the item they will be punished as well.

Welcome to Obelisk

Obelisk Gaming is a new community. The majority of its members come from the old PieBald Community. We are a great community. Head on over to the forums to join up!

Server Maintenance

Daily Maintenance is done from 9 pm to Midnight Central Time. During this time we leave the server open, because we may need the communities help to test changes that are made on the go.

There will be restarts during this time, therefor we will not refund your lost items. Thank you for understanding and helping us out!


Donations are what keep the server going. You can head over to to contribute in your own way! That could mean buying a fancy new weapon for yourself or spawning a super boss!